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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do You Buy Free Range Eggs?

Wake up everyone at take a look at what really happens. 

"This was his last moment on earth. He tried to fly away, but he was too young. 200 million male baby chicks are ground up alive every year because they are useless to the egg industry. He was one of them." (taken from "Mercy For Animals" website)

There are some videos that I really can't watch.  I'm a bit squeamish you see and I hate to see animal cruelty.  But if you're still not convinced go to the link above.

If you must eat eggs try to find some-one local who loves their chookies, (hens/chickens).
Yes, I still eat eggs from time to time - I do struggle a bit to be fully vegan, but my beautiful vegan friends don't pass judgement, bless them.
In saying that I eat eggs I am extremely lucky that I have a friend who just loves her chookies and I reap the benefit of being able to get eggs from her when they are fully laying.

These chookies roam free around her property, in fact they lay their eggs in the strangest places which is so cool.  They are not even fenced in other than the border fence around their property.  They do have a little house where they can roost for the night, but most of the time they roost in the trees.

Even so called "free range" eggs that you buy at your local supermarket can be a bit suss because, they too don't want to have the male chickens….what do they do about that?  Well a lot of the "free range" farmers buy their laying chickens from big factory-farm hatcheries….of course they only get the female ones so they believe that their hands are clean.

And what does my friend do?  Well, she does eat meat.  She doesn't raise that many chickens anyway because she takes the eggs…but if some do slip through and go on to hatch they are raised up…regardless of whether they're male or female.  And come the time - yes, she will kill one for the table - well, her husband does the killing.

If, like me, you can't do without eggs try to find some-one local who loves their chookies. A good place to start is at the Farmers markets and ask questions!!!

Read this for more on so called "Free-Range" poultry and eggs. but be warned, it will shock you.

Happy Eating

Monday, April 15, 2013

Oil Spill Affects Humans This Time

With so many oil spills over the years it really wasn't too much of a surprise when I read from a favorite site of mine - "Two weeks ago today, Exxon Mobil's Pegasus pipeline carrying diluted bitumen from Canada ruptured catastrophically, creating a 22-foot long gash that unleashed hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil and toxic chemical diluents into the Central Arkansas town of Mayflower."

What is tragic about this is the number of residences who have suffered from toxic fumes, the contaminated water and the fact that these people will now have to battle with lawsuits.  Having something like this happen within a built up area highlights the danger that pipelines, that criss-cross countries around the world, can create.  Most of the time these spills affect both the environment and the animals and, although tragic, is not as impacting on our sense of horror and outrage as it is when there is a population of humans in the forefront.

It really is time that we put more pressure on these companies that disregard the environment and disregard human and animal suffering.

I leave you with a video put out by comedians Andy Cobb and Mike Damanskis who have satirized this disaster…..even though it's "comedy" I'm sure if you watch it you will get the underlying message.

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