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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Calcium Rich - Health Poor?

It's taken a couple of years but I finally got around to registering with a Doctor.  The reason I've changed is because I shifted towns and now live too far away from the previous medical center that I used to go to.

So I picked a center close by and made an appointment to go in to interview the new Doctor.  Silly me, I had a wild hope that this guy would be somewhat knowledgeable with the vegan lifestyle.

It wasn't that he opposed my food choice, but he did admit to not knowing a lot about nutrition.  He asked the usual questions about where I get specific vitamins (at least he didn't ask about protein), then went on to say that the chances were that I'd be lacking in calcium …. the much needed mineral for bones.

He supplied me with a list of all the calcium rich foods which, naturally, had dairy products right at the top.

Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to argue the point that if dairy was the best source then how come the rate of osteoporosis has increased in the Western world?
Studies have found that "Osteoporosis is, in fact, a disease caused by a number of things, the most important of which is excess dietary animal protein" see article on Food Matters   Now I'm not a scientist, I'm not a trained nutritionist but I do have the power of deduction and when I learn that people who live in countries that have no or very little animal products yet have no sign of osteoporosis and are able to live healthier lives than we do, my logical brain does have to wonder why.

1964 - 2013

The meat and dairy industry have hoodwinked us for generations into believing that we must consume animal products in order to be healthy.  If you take a look at food pyramids put out by "respected" sources like the Heart Foundation  you'll see that, yes, they put vegetables at the top of the list, but they also have animal products including dairy designated to quarter of the plate.

I'm not against dairy, but in this day and age the dairy that is supplied to us is no longer true (unless you buy raw milk), as it is messed about with so much at the treatment plant that it is nothing like the milk that comes directly from the cow.  It's for this reason, (along with animal welfare and environment), that I have chosen to no longer consume dairy.

So the next time I see this Doctor I just might bring up the topic of dairy, calcium and osteoporosis.

Oh, and his comment about not knowing much about nutrition?  Very common in Doctors - I wonder why they still take the Hippocratic Oath as Hippocrates says: "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

Happy Eating

UPDATE:  Have had the results back from the blood tests that the doctor wanted me to have ... you know, "just like to check that you're not lacking in certain areas"  Well, what'd know - all perfect, in fact, more than perfect!  Iron higher than a healthy meat eater .... calcium high - duh, of course it is.  hahaha - love it!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Interesting - Fish Oil Causes Cancer

A few months ago I read something that made me quite concerned.

"According to a recent Journal of the National Cancer Institute study, the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids from marine animals leads to an increased risk of developing prostate cancer."  (Source Veg News)

So I went through to the actual article at the National Cancer Institute which went on to say that those taking the fish oil supplement were at a higher risk of getting, not only prostrate cancer, but also that Omega 3 may not protect brain health either.....that's a little disconcerting don't you think?

One sentence popped out at me "The problem comes when you take components of a diet and put it in a pill," and it made me realize just how much we've screwed around with nature not realizing that the nutritional value comes as a package deal from the whole plant, not just part of it.

Let's face it, years ago (and I mean years), we didn't have supplements.  People grew, farmed and fished for food and their diet was subjected to their environment.  So people who lived inland didn't get fish at all but still were able to get everything the body needed in order to stay healthy.

We are constantly being told that we have to supplement, especially those who have a vegan diet,  so I'm thinking - is this because we have polluted our fields, our pastures and our oceans with poisons to such an extent that we can no longer rely on natural foods to keep us healthy?  Duh, doesn't take a scientist to realize this.

We need more people to demand organic foods.  We need more people to demand a stop to the ghastly way we are destroying our oceans and our land.  How likely is this going to happen in my lifetime?  Not likely at all while there are the corporate giants whose only mission in life is to make  truck loads of money and who are power hungry.

So the health industry will continue to feed us supplements telling us that this is the best way to get all our vitamins and minerals when all we really need is the food to be whole, organic and devoid of any pollutants.

I know I'm probably preaching to the converted, but would love you to share this - the more our friends get educated the better off we'll be.

Happy Eating

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

McDonald's November Sales Down

I read this today from Reuters:  McDonald's November Sales Miss...

"(Reuters) - McDonald's Corp on Monday reported another sluggish month of sales at established restaurants, results that suggest the famed hamburger chain is losing U.S. market share to rivals."

Now, on the one hand, I want to jump up and down yelling "whoop whoop", then again, the other side of me sees that they are attributing the downturn to other fast food outlets which are just as bad in my opinion.

Wouldn't it be great if it was more that people were heading away from fast foods and going back to wholesome, nutritional foods prepared in their homes …… not that that is going to happen.  Especially as there are so many pre-packaged foods available in supermarkets.

One sentence did stand out in this article "McDonald's may have to boost promotions to improve sales" - Boost promotions!!!! Really????  Yes, I know, McDs have plenty of money to throw at marketing and, sadly it is aimed at the least fortunate (e.g. those who work there for such a paltry wage) and children who don't know what healthy is.

God forbid that we feed our children healthy foods …. the pharmaceutical and medical industry would have a coronary - I mean, healthy children would grow into healthy adults, then where would they be?

Happy Eating

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Real Vegetarian Me

It's now confession time.  Something has been weighing on my mind for quite some time now and I feel it's time to " 'fess up".

When I made the decision to create The Vegetarian Center website a few years ago, I had no idea that it would become a real platform (especially the blog) for me to express my views.

I was advised to use a nom de plume - (defined as: an assumed name used by a writer instead of their real name; a pen-name.), the reason being that, because it was the internet, it would keep my private life separate.  It made sense back then.

But the more I've gone along, the more I feel the need to take ownership of my opinions, my writing and the creation of my website and blog.  I am proud of what my lifestyle is.  I am proud of my feelings and opinions and I no longer wish to hide behind a made-up name.

So Jane Hartwood has left the building.  And I am happy to introduce the real me: Fee O'Shea. 

Everything that I have written has always come from Fee's heart, from Fee's intellect and from Fee's point of view.

It's only been Jane's name that has been tacked onto the end of writing or correspondence.  All other identity such as children and where I live (New Zealand) is perfectly correct and true to the life of Fee.

Here's to the demise of "Jane", the cork has popped for Fee and it feels so right.  I'm hoping that those who know "Jane" will understand and support my decision to reveal the real me.

And to make it totally official - here's the real me in my kitchen cooking up some gorgeous vegetarian meal ....

Happy Eating

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Now What Do I Eat to Be Healthy?

I've just finished reading an article on GreenMedInfo about rice, potato and tomato may be as inflammatory as wheat.


I've been trying for past few weeks to remove wheat from my diet, not because I have an allergy to it, but because of the hybridization and GMO that has been going on to such an extent since the 1950's that wheat is no longer in its natural form.

Now I'm not a "health nut" although I am healthy, but I am conscious of trying to only have good foods to keep me healthy - if you can get my drift there.  So when I read that rice, potato and tomatoes are as bad as wheat you can imagine my surprise (and utter disappointment).

These three foods are not foods I have every day and I do try to have brown rice as opposed to white, but…… even so I do eat them.   And tomatoes - please, give me a break!!! 

I'm at the stage where I'm thinking maybe I read too much - I certainly don't want to live in fear, so I will just continue with my attitude of eating well balanced vegan foods that are nourishing and flavorsome and just be grateful for the good health I do have.

Happy Eating

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