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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Farmers Sue Monsanto

I read this article today about farmers who are about to sue Monsanto.

This is awesome, but it is tinged with such sadness.  Monsanto has so much to be guilty of with their greed and their total lack of care when it comes to the farmers.

The stupid part is that if Monsanto didn't have the support of the farmers ... well, there would be no Monsanto now would there.

It's now time for the farmers to fight back.  There is a farmer committing suicide every 30 minutes.  That's totally reprehensible.  But Monsanto is welding such a huge stick over these farmers by demanding that they pay royalties for any renewal seed.  That's seed that has been harvested from the original crop and planted again.

So they are fighting back and there are 5 million farmers.  Yes, you read that correctly - 5 million!!!!  With any luck, they may be able to put Monsanto and it's corrupt and nasty ways out of business.

This is something that I will be watching with interest.

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