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Sunday, July 27, 2014

All For The Pigs

Saturday 26th July!!! Hopefully a day that helps to turn the tide for the caged pigs in New Zealand.  (I wrote about this in a previous blog - link).

The month of July has been a month of campaigning by members of SAFE around the country getting as many signatures as possible on a "Say No To Intensive Pig Farming in N.Z." petition.  This was kicked off with a documentary which aired on national television (See here for the Sunday Program) which was an expose on pig farming.  The following week was a further follow up program which, again, highlighted the plight of piggies, this time showing the abuse of piglets and a sow all taken with a hidden camera by Farm Watch on a different, randomly pick farm.

But, getting back to Saturday the 26th July.  SAFE organized protests and rallies in the main cities in both the North and South Island, with smaller centers getting on-board with petition signings and even a bake stall in one area.

In Tauranga, where I live, we had a signature drive in the Mount Maunganui area.  The sun was shining and the people were out walking the beach, having their cappuccinos, climbing the Mount or just enjoying the sun.  With 7 members of SAFE (two dressed in the piggy costumes) mingling among them, within a couple of hours we had filled over 25 sheets of the petition pages - well done Tauranga!!!

The majority of people were so ready to sign and most knew what the issue was without being told - wonderful!  One young woman I spoke to, who is from Holland, is totally disgusted with the way we treat our animals here.  She told me that Holland has banned all cages for any animal and that if they can do it with way more population and less space, then so can we in N.Z. - I totally agree with her.

I do have a really special THANK YOU to the Mount Pharmacy (Find them on FaceBook) - two wonderful women who gladly signed the petition...but that's not all, the owner then slipped away and came back with the most awesome little piggy keyring!!!  Her way of saying thank you for the work SAFE does. - That small gesture just blew me away
If you're at Mount Maunganui, need a pharmacy, please go there .... in fact, even if you don't need a pharmacy, just go in and say hi anyway - they are pure magic!

Thanks to everyone, volunteers and public, who made this such a powerful day - let's hope we see some difference for the darling pigs.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Clean Eating - Nutrition Made Easy

Brand new book in "The Good Life" series!!  

As the title of this post says "Nutrition made easy" - that's what this new book is all about.  As a vegan, I really can't count the number of times I have been asked what food I have for protein or calcium or B12 or whatever the person asking the question is stumped over.

I keep saying, I don't think about it.  Just like a meat-eater generally doesn't stress over whether they are getting the right nutrients, then really speaking neither should a vegan or anyone having meat free meals.

Hence the reason to write this book:  A Clean Eating Nutrition Guide
Now, I'm the first one to tell you, that I'm not a nutritionist nor do I work in the "health" industry, but through my own experience, extensive research and educating myself, I certainly try to keep on top of the latest studies that come out from the experts.

This book is for those who just want to be sure that what they are eating is right, for those who want eating animal free meals to be stress free and for those who want to know which foods contain which nutrients.
You really will be surprised just how easy it is!

Here's one review:
"The author makes it perfectly clear that she is not a 'professional' in nutrition, she's better than a professional, Fee has gained her knowledge through her own research, understanding and more importantly - her experience! She does not present 'professional advice' rather what feels like sage advice from a good friend.
Book 3 contains the high standard of writing and explanation that we readers have become accustomed to from Fee's work."
- Flip'n'Chip

So, grab a copy while it's on the launch special of $0.99 USA - this offer ends the night of Monday 28th July NZ time.
Oh, and if you can .... I really will appreciate an honest review back on Amazon.

Here's the link again:  A Clean Eating Nutrition Guide

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Help Stop Factory Farming

Today I received a letter from SAFE in my mail and I felt that, as it is such an important issue happening in New Zealand right now, I had to contact SAFE to ask if I could copy and paste the letter in its entirety here on my blog.  They kindly said yes.  

I know this is directed towards New Zealanders, but factory farming goes on all over the world, so where ever you may live I hope there is something you can do to help your animals who have to live in these dreadful conditions.

As for any Kiwis who are reading .... please get behind this campaign.

Here is the letter:

If you’re unlucky enough to be born as a female pig on a factory farm, you’ll either be fattened up and sent to slaughter at the age of about 16 weeks, or you’ll be used as a breeding machine.

You’ll be denied your basic natural needs
such as 
 sunlight, fresh air, mud baths and room to move.  Instead, you’ll spend your life in a dark, barren shed.

The first four weeks of your 16-week pregnancy will be spent in a sow stall so small, you can’t even turn around. You’ll then be moved to a farrowing crate to give birth. Your babies are born on a metal floor rather than in a soft self-made nest. The farrowing crate is still too small for you to move properly or turn around, so you’re unable to reach your babies to protect and comfort them.

They rely on you for sustenance, but because of the crate you are sometimes unable to care for them properly. 
Once your precious babies are only four weeks old, they’re taken away from you… you’ll never see them again. You are re-impregnated and the cycle of abuse continues.

Because you’re intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate, it’s a life of perpetual sorrow, boredom and depression. After five years of this hell, you are deemed spent. You will see daylight for the first and only time in your life on your way to the slaughterhouse…

Would you want to live like this?
Or will you be a voice for
defenseless sows living in this hell?

Thanks to you and other caring New Zealanders, from 2016 sow stalls will be banned. However, farrowing crates will still be in use.

Together, we can get these cruel crates banned too!

Please donate $20 today and help us
make it happen.

If you’ve already made a donation, thank you. Please consider forwarding this email to someone else who may be interested in helping sows.


Hans Kriek
Executive Director

View Event link

And, as a p.s. - this is how pigs should be:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Neonicotinoids and Bees

It really does upset me that this beautiful country that I live in (N.Z.) is so backward when it comes to environmental and animal welfare issues.

Recently I read an article about the neonicotinoid pesticides having such a devastating effect on bees and how in June 2014 a team at Harvard announced that when hives were treated with neonicotinoids, half of them collapsed.

Back around July 2013, after evidence against neonicotinoids had begun to accumulate, the EU had moved to ban three neonicotinoids from use on cereals and flowering crops attractive to bees which came into effect in December 2013.

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued a report saying that there is a connection to the health of the honey bees saying "pesticides may be part of the problem, including both the pyrethroid and neonicotinoid classes of pesticides".  But their recommendations are more about best management practices and technical advancements for applying pesticides to reduce dust, etc. than about the actual threat or banning them.

New Zealand just loves to follow USA and again our "clean, green" image comes into some question as once more the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), which has the authority, has not even begun to investigate this new research ...... but then New Zealand is known for dragging the chain when it comes to banning pesticides along with other environmental and animal issues.

I wonder what Sir Edmund Hillary - our famous bee keeper mountaineer would say about this.

By the way, I applaud the EU for making this move even if it is on a "trial" basis for 2 years.  They did this in the face of intense lobbying and interference by Bayer and Syngenta who make and sell the chemicals.

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