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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Clean Eating - Nutrition Made Easy

Brand new book in "The Good Life" series!!  

As the title of this post says "Nutrition made easy" - that's what this new book is all about.  As a vegan, I really can't count the number of times I have been asked what food I have for protein or calcium or B12 or whatever the person asking the question is stumped over.

I keep saying, I don't think about it.  Just like a meat-eater generally doesn't stress over whether they are getting the right nutrients, then really speaking neither should a vegan or anyone having meat free meals.

Hence the reason to write this book:  A Clean Eating Nutrition Guide
Now, I'm the first one to tell you, that I'm not a nutritionist nor do I work in the "health" industry, but through my own experience, extensive research and educating myself, I certainly try to keep on top of the latest studies that come out from the experts.

This book is for those who just want to be sure that what they are eating is right, for those who want eating animal free meals to be stress free and for those who want to know which foods contain which nutrients.
You really will be surprised just how easy it is!

Here's one review:
"The author makes it perfectly clear that she is not a 'professional' in nutrition, she's better than a professional, Fee has gained her knowledge through her own research, understanding and more importantly - her experience! She does not present 'professional advice' rather what feels like sage advice from a good friend.
Book 3 contains the high standard of writing and explanation that we readers have become accustomed to from Fee's work."
- Flip'n'Chip

So, grab a copy while it's on the launch special of $0.99 USA - this offer ends the night of Monday 28th July NZ time.
Oh, and if you can .... I really will appreciate an honest review back on Amazon.

Here's the link again:  A Clean Eating Nutrition Guide

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