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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Now What Do I Eat to Be Healthy?

I've just finished reading an article on GreenMedInfo about rice, potato and tomato may be as inflammatory as wheat.


I've been trying for past few weeks to remove wheat from my diet, not because I have an allergy to it, but because of the hybridization and GMO that has been going on to such an extent since the 1950's that wheat is no longer in its natural form.

Now I'm not a "health nut" although I am healthy, but I am conscious of trying to only have good foods to keep me healthy - if you can get my drift there.  So when I read that rice, potato and tomatoes are as bad as wheat you can imagine my surprise (and utter disappointment).

These three foods are not foods I have every day and I do try to have brown rice as opposed to white, but…… even so I do eat them.   And tomatoes - please, give me a break!!! 

I'm at the stage where I'm thinking maybe I read too much - I certainly don't want to live in fear, so I will just continue with my attitude of eating well balanced vegan foods that are nourishing and flavorsome and just be grateful for the good health I do have.

Happy Eating

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