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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Moon's Not Made Of Cheese - It's Green

Laugh!  Geez did I have a real "laugh out loud" moment when I read the headlines "NASA plans to farm greens on the moon" - are they saying that greens are far more important than cows or sheep or pigs…..????  

No, I realize that's not what they're saying that at all - it will be easier to "farm" vegetables than farm animals. But I do find it very interesting that they hold the "greens" in such high esteem as to want to actually grow them on the moon (or in space).  The reason being is that, according to this article: Tossed In Space  the scientists are really working hard to make food from the new technology of 3D-printing.

I don't have a problem with 3D-printing especially when it comes to tools etc that may be needed in space.  But food?   No, no, please don't go there .... I find this quite alarming especially for highly trained, fit and skilled astronauts - the last thing they need is cardboard food!!!

So here's hoping they get the vegetables to grow .... then we can have Vegan astronauts - what wonderful role models they will be then!

Happy Eating

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