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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vegan Visit

Over the weekend I was blessed to have my son and his 8 year old daughter come and visit.  Needless to say we had a whale of a good time (maybe one of my literary followers can help me out - I'm assuming it's "whale" as in large or grand and not "wail"....?).
Anyhoo - my vegan son was pretty impressed with the shepherds pie (vegan)
I had waiting for when they arrived as he normally takes over the kitchen and doesn't trust me.  In fact he even had the audacity to ask (when making pancakes the next morning) if I had cooked fish in the pan.  I told him I was not a pescetarian in fact I'm trying really hard to switch full time to veganism - I think he was satisfied.

After a wonderful day playing down at the park, on the beach, baking cookies, playing games, doing the garden, whew! an 8 year old girl sure kept us busy, my son cooked a wonderful dinner - so easy.  I've loaded the recipe up onto the website, such the cutest and delicately flavored vegan mince pies.    

And, if you're wondering why my blogs have slackened off a bit - I've gone back to school and full time!!! I tell you, it's been a bit of a shock to this 58 year old but I'm certainly loving the challenge of getting my brain working again.
I'm having to make extra for lunch as the other students are very intrigued with my vegan meals that I rock up with - funny how tasty they think they are.  I've been handing out recipes and it's made me chuckle when a couple of the students have come back with such wonder and excitement on their faces to say they have used one of my recipes for their family...and... - lo and behold - the family enjoyed the meal ...... go figure!!!

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  1. Shock horror! Surely your food isnt tasty?? well done for keping up with the blogging. I dont have an excuse acccept an extended writers block. well done you.


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