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Monday, October 3, 2011

Life's Not Easy Being Vegetarian

 Life is not as easy as one thinks when it comes to being vegetarian!  Oh, the food's a doddle (that means easy), but trying not to use animals in other things....that's where the headache begins.

Thought today I'd give you a list, just in case you're interested to find out where the rest of the animal goes.

WARNING:  This list might just surprise you.

packaging,                          ink, 
glue,                                   paint, 
wallpaper,                           linoleum, 
carpet,                                insulation, 
laundry detergents,             fabric softeners, 
disinfectants,                      asphalt, 
steel,                                  car tires, 
lubricants,                          deodorants, 
perfumes,                           sunscreen, 
shampoos,                          soaps, 
toothpaste,                         creams, 
cosmetics,                          fabric dyes, 
pharmaceuticals,                sports equipment, 
clothing, shoes, bags etc.

And that's not mentioning the products that are TESTED on animals

O.k. so some of these things we have no control over - like car tires and asphalt, but others we can do something about - look at what you're buying and see if there's a more natural alternative there are some amazing products out there that are animal free.

PLEASE: ADD TO THIS LIST - if you can.

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