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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are We Really That Short-Sighted?

Recently there has been t.v. advertising on the wonderful "new" Red Krill Oil supplement pills that have more omega 3 than normal fish oil tablets.  It it contains an antioxidant called astaxanthin. O.k. so it's good for you but here again is just another pillaging of our seas in order to make money.
Flax oil is a wonderful source of omega 3 (actually better than fish oil) read more here so why do we have to keep finding "new and wonderful" animal, or in this case, fish, products when we don't really need to???

Now normally I'd let this one go with just another "why don't you just leave the sea alone" comment at the t.v.  But then last night I watched a program about "Ocean Giants" and that's when the blood really started to boil.

According to the program the blue whale which lives off the coast of Sri Lanka feed on red krill which, due to climate change, is being depleted.  This got me wondering.

So onto the internet this morning to discover that the krill for the pills is harvested from the cold waters off Antarctica and other icy waters. That's not all I found out.  The ongoing harvesting of krill could be threatening the food source of seals, penguins and whales. 
Pretty much what I had concluded.  Read the rest of the article here   
What amazed me was the fact that this article was written in December 2008….that's 4 years ago - damn, how many years will it take.  Oh, that's right - it's all about money.

The Blue Whale is just starting to increase in population after being decimated by whaling - hey, why not just take their food….that'll stop them!!!


  1. I really enjoyed learning about this to often these types of real world real important happenings get unnoticed, cause GREED controls our world. Thank you for being like minded:) Tami

    1. Thanks, Tami, I'm glad you're like minded, you're right - Greed does control our world which is so sad.


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