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Monday, May 6, 2013

I've Started Farming

Farming? Well, worm farming.  Finally, after months of having the worm farm paraphernalia sitting around with no worms in it I am happy to announce that a very healthy bunch of Tiger, Red and Indian blue worms have taken up residence.

The process was really pretty easy.  I think the reason I hadn't gotten around to actually getting the worms was because I was really nervous about how I might just not be very good at it.

I was in the garden shop getting some winter veggie seedlings and when I got up to the counter I noticed that the people in front had purchased a worm farm.  I asked if they knew where to get the actual worms and, lo and behold, they were right there in the shop.  Hadn't seen them before, but then I don't think they come in very often.  Maybe the worms prefer the more up-market garden centers that have cafes and gift stores attached?

Off down the aisles I went in search of the worms…determination on my face and in my stride.  Found them, rushed back to the check out and into the car before I could change my mind.

The worms have their own website, so tap, tap, tap on the keys and up came a really great site with great information and brilliant videos that showed just how easy it was.  WormsRus

Got the worms settled in and this morning when I went to check….yup, they were all there wriggling and squirming and doing what worms love to do - starting the composting procedure.

This is going to be fun!  Oh, and the winter veggies got planted to.

Happy Eating

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