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Monday, July 29, 2013

Can You Lose Weight Eating Vegetarian?

I had someone ask me the other day if you could lose weight eating vegetarian.....simple answer is "Yes" you can.  However - and there is a "but" or "however" in this case - it is like any other diet, you have to do it right.

I'm not writing today about the plus and minus of going on a diet.  Weight is a personal choice, some people have healthy meals and are a larger size than others...that's just the beauty of individuality.  However, one thing I will say is that if you are considering losing weight, then please don't do the "fad" diets.  Even companies that offer meal replacements are just as bad at creating that yo-yo type of weight gain/loss.

If you are wanting to lose some weight, then consider a meal plan that teaches you how to keep the weight off...and that's one of the good things about going vegetarian - it leads to actually changing your lifestyle.  Once a person discovers that, not only can they lose weight, but they can be healthy as well just by eating foods that are beautifully delicious, it's not long before they never want to go back to eating animals.

People become vegetarian for a variety of reasons - weight loss being one of them.  But once they have committed to this lifestyle, they soon learn how freeing it is, not only for themselves, but for the animals and the environment.  Learn more.

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  1. I returned to being vegan not long ago and I'm so much happier now.

  2. That's awesome - people don't seem to realize just how good it can be :)


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