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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Carnivores live in FairyLand!

The other day I posted a video up on my personal FaceBook profile to share it around with my friends...and I've got quite a few friends - the majority being carnivores.

Now the thing is that when I post, what I call "fluffy stuff", (examples below), I get lots of "likes" and "comments".

"...This is wonderful news that these bridges and underpasses are working!!!" Refers to an article about bridges that have been built especially for bears so they can cross roads.

Or this cute photo:

I don't normally put up hard hitting stuff, I leave that for the Vegetarian FB page (see the link to the page.....just up there...on the left - it says "Become a Fan").
Where was I?  Right, as I said most of my stuff on my profile page is just the usual sort of things interspersed with lovely animal photos.  But this video (below) I just had to put up.
My reason?  I really don't think any of my carnivore friends have any idea what really happens to animals before they get to the supermarkets.  And, like the title says, I really believe that most meat eaters live in fairyland.  They bury their head in the sand and just don't want to know.

I even issued a challenge to my friends "So you buy chicken from the grocery store do you? Are you brave enough to watch this????" and today I added a comment "Sooooo, no-one was game to watch it huh?" hoping that my added comment will go through the news feed again.

Well, we'll see........ Do I think anyone will watch it?  No.

So if any of my blog followers, who still eat chicken, are game enough to watch the video then please post up a comment.  Do I think there will be any comments to this blog?  No.

I'm unable to imbed the video on this you'll have to click the link.

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