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Monday, January 6, 2014

Truly? Selling Pets Online?

OMG I did not know that you can buy yourself a cute little puppy online.  I found out about it through the animal welfare website SAFE nz - I mean, I do online shopping and, yes, it's the way of the future, but …. NO, this is wrong - how can a person buy a puppy off the internet??????? 

I do not want to give a link to this company, but I'm going to put their name and link up and publicly tell the world - THIS IS WRONG!!!!! - yes, this is a New Zealand company …… N.Z. the country that's supposed to be "clean" "green" and "friendly" etc etc ….. well, I'm here to tell you that I battle with the knowledge that my country supports factory farming, caged chickens, pigs in pens - and now this!!!!!

Who is going to buy a pet over the internet?  Who is going to buy a pet without first meeting the little fellow, giving him/her a cuddle, talking and playing and allowing that pet to also be involved in the choosing process ?????

Screenshot of the website

And, how are PetsUnlimited going to monitor where their pets go?????  My first thought is that they can't if they are doing this online, my 2nd thought is - will these puppies be used for dog fighting??? …. Pets Unlimited will never know.

This company also sells online: a  selection of Birds, Kittens, Reptiles, Tropical Fish and other Small Animals

TradeMe is another source for buying pets online ..... again - what guarantee that the homes will be suitable???

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