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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: Factory Farming and Animal Liberation - The New Zealand Experience

Title:         Factory Farming and Animal Liberation -
                 The New Zealand Experience

Author:      Michael Morris

Reviewer:   Fee O'Shea

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Although some of the information is now out of date due to the work of animal welfare groups and changes in the N.Z. system, the book itself is still certainly very much on track and exposes the factory farming that still goes on in New Zealand. 
It is a harsh reminder that if it can happen in a country like New Zealand, it can happen anywhere.
The author, Michael Morris, is hard hitting at the policy makers and those behind the scenes. 

The points and facts are set out in such a way that makes this book easy to read, (although the subject matter itself is not).
As the title suggests, it is mainly concerned with the factory farming practices in New Zealand, however it also covers animal welfare in general. 

After outlining the conditions and factory farming activities in N.Z. Michael then goes on to provide more details on how both the industry and government has conspired to keep up the intensive farming practices.  I found it fascinating how the wheels of the egg producing industry went into full swing when the battery cage system was threatened. 

"Factory Farming and Animal Liberation - The New Zealand Experience" is written in a matter of fact way relying on documented research and evidence rather than from an emotional approach.  It gives ideas to the individual as to what s/he can do as a way of supporting the cause of stopping factory farming then goes on to give suggestions on how the industry could be curtailed and how the government could ensure more accountability to ensure animals are protected under the Animal Welfare Act.

This book did open my eyes to certain issues I was not aware of especially in the area of who actually holds the power and why.  It also reiterated what I already knew, that the general public can be hoodwinked into believing anything when the P.R. machines from Government and industry are run at full volume.

An excellent, fascinating book which I recommend to anyone interested in just how the care and welfare of animals can be right down on the list when money and power are at the top.

More information on this book is available here: Factory Farming and Animal Liberation - The New Zealand Experience


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