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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sea Cucumbers - Just Another Thing To Be Exploited!

These strange and funny sea creatures are actually really important to the sea's health and the last thing we should be doing is harvesting them to satisfy the palate of the Asia market.
New Zealand has just discovered that there is money to be made in these creatures and are currently working out how they can harvest enough of them to make it worth their while.

Please click through to the video and watch the "news" item about the lucrative market being investigated.... (I can't embed the video on here):  VIDEO  don't worry, you won't lose this page and when you come back you can then read this blog which explains the importance of these creatures (if you don't already know):  BLOG

We shouldn't be harvesting the wild ones and farming them isn't an option either .... how are they going to be fed?  Manure from the dairy farms?

I meant, ewww, who wants to eat something that eats poop?

Please, no, don't go there N.Z. we should be cleaning our sea, not selling our cleaners!

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