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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Use of Wool

This is a story about a little company in N.Z. supplying something that, as far as I'm aware, is not available in the big ol' U.S of A.

Well, it's not actually a "story".  It's just something that happened that got me thinking.

Five years ago, I went over to USA to be with my daughter for the birth of baby number 1.  Being a good grandma, I took gifts in the form of organic, reusable cloth nappies (diapers for those of you who live outside N.Z.).  Purchased from:  The Nappy Lady


Absolutely BRILLIANT! 

My daughter is extremely environmentally conscious and was absolutely over the moon when she got these nappies.
Along with the nappies .... oh, all right then, diapers!, I took her over a couple of pairs of re-usable woolen breast pads which the Nappy Lady had recommended.  They were AMAZING!!!

Now, she's having baby number 2 and I'm about to head off to be with her.

A panicked letter arrived yesterday
".....mum, where did you get the wool nipple pads?  I held onto those for a long time but eventually they were misplaced...Is it possible that you can pick up some more please?  I would like two pairs if possible...."

Now, what's a mother to do?  Duh, get the "nipple pads" of course.
First point of contact - the lovely "The Nappy Lady" who is always just so helpful.  She put me onto the right website: Breastmates

Voila!  Wool breast pads! 
and, on seeing these, I also found this The Mumdrop Wrap:  - Wow, such a cool idea, wish it had been around in my day.
Getting back to the Wool breast pads.  This now creates a bit of a dilemma and I'm wondering just how many of you will agree or disagree with my purchase.

As you know, I'm vegan - therefore, no animal products which includes wool, leather etc.  and this is where I come unstuck.

I would rather purchase a natural product like these breast pads, that I know from witnessing it last time how healing they were when the nipples were cracked and sore after baby number 1.

Any chaps reading this …. well, cracked nipples, breast pads etc… fact of mummy life.
Giving my daughter a product that is reusable, environmentally friendly, has been made entirely in New Zealand sits right with me.

I know that the sheep are killed once their wool life is over and for this I am sad.  However, as I have seen working wool farms 1st hand, I know that our farmers actually do go beyond our strict animal welfare laws and that we have banned the cruel practice of mulesing.  Now I realize that there will be some rogue farmer/shearer who doesn't give a jot but I know some vegans who don't give a jot about other humans....there's always a rotten apple in any barrel.

I'm sure there are other vegans out there who think like me.  Those of us who will recycle leather  and wool from op-shops/thrift stores, those of us who will consider the use of wool and lanolin for the healing properties they offer.  Those of us who know the healing properties of propolis that bees give us.

And for those of us who do think like this, we are grateful to the animals who have provided us with these things.

To finish off …. I'm also a great supporter of small business within my own country - God knows we need to keep small businesses alive!

If you know of anyone who is having a baby, please check out these two sites.
My thanks to Kate from The Nappy Lady and to Franny from Breastmates for the great work you are doing and for caring about our environment.

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