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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The End of The Line

I called round to catch up with a vegetarian friend of mine today and she told me that she had been on the Auckland (that's the largest city in New Zealand) motorway crawling along at about 30 km (that's under 20 miles) as one does during peak hour.  Add to the slowness, it is also Summertime here and temperatures are soaring.
Got the picture so far?

Lo and behold there right beside her was a huge truck stacked high with crates.  Each crate was packed with live chickens. 

"Well", she said, "some were obviously not alive anymore as they were lying with their feet up."
Most of the chickens had their heads bent and were in a posture of submission.
But the really sad part were their eyes.  She told me that their eyes were vacant almost like they were resigned to their fate.

Remind you of anything?

She was very brave to take the photo ..... I know it was incredibly upsetting for her to witness.

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