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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cecil - Do I Need To Elaborate?

I think by now you have all heard about Cecil the lion who was lured out of his sanctuary, shot with a bow and arrow by an idiot dentist.  Wounded, it took the hunters 40 hours to find him when he was then put out of his pain.
Here's a video just to refresh your memory:

Now this has outraged the world community, and I'm not just talking about the vegans and vegetarians among us ... oh no, many a meat eater is up in arms about Cecil - and rightly so.

So what has prompted me to blog about something that you all know about?  I mean Cecil has been widely reported both on the internet and on mainstream media.
Well, it was this young lady ... Sabrina Corgatelli (and I use the term "lady" very, very loosely!)

So let's go with another video:

"Giraffes are very dangerous"  duh!  so are you!!!! The difference is, you've got a gun, the giraffe doesn't .... the giraffe, or any other animal for that matter, can't stalk you the way you stalk them.

I don't care what reason these trophy hunters have.  I don't believe they respect or love animals.  If they were that keen on "hunting" with a love of animals they would be carrying a camera not a weapon.

A person who "hunts" with a camera, in my opinion, has far more courage than all these trophy hunters put together.

Africa needs to be promoting the "camera hunt" far more - make it just as expensive!!!!!

And kudos to the airlines who have banned the shipment of trophies ..... just need the shipping companies now to follow suit!

I can feel my blood boiling - so signing off.

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