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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vegan Supermarket

I came across a little piece the other day on the internet about a vegan supermarket that is opening (probably open by now) in the city of Dortmund, Germany and it got me thinking about our supermarkets in generally.

I look around at the standard supermarkets in my area and it pains me to say that they don't offer anywhere near the variety of foods for vegetarians or vegans.  In this day and age it really is quite disgraceful.  The lack of organic fresh foods. the lack of variety in the meat alternative area not to mention the nonexistence of vegan cheeses, sour creams and other "dairy free" items in the chillers.

The problem is that I don't live in a city - there, because of the demand, you can find vegan and vegetarian shopping a lot easier and, depending on the city and the country, it can be a wonderful experience.

Wouldn't it be grand for those of us who live in smaller towns to have as much variety of choice as meat eaters do and not be dictated to by conglomerates who are only interested in making a buck.  I say, support local farmers markets, shop in specialty stores and ask the supermarket to increase the vegan and vegetarian options every time you venture inside their doors!

Take a look at The Vegetarian Center to find lots of foods online

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