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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Problem With Chicken

Aren't I just the cutest!
I've had a problem with chicken for 30 years after discovering a size 20 chicken in the supermarket freezer and thinking it was a turkey.  Back then I was eating meat, fish and poultry and never considered being vegetarian, but when I saw that chicken I just knew something was wrong with it.

Living my childhood in the 50s we were lucky enough to have chickens in the yard, veggie garden out the back and fruit trees to climb in...and we lived in a town.  So I did know how big a chicken grew under "normal" circumstances…..and a size 20 was not normal.

So I looked into this newish company, (I'm not going to mention names here), that had brought mass chickens to the freezers of New Zealand and what I discovered went against all that I believed to be humane conduct.

How can we live in a society that treats animals so badly?  Maybe 30 years ago when we didn't have the internet and information.  But every year we see more and more videos and T.V. shows about the intelligence of animals.  We now know that animals do have feelings, that they can cry, that they can grieve, that they can work things out, that they can have maternal feelings.

So why do we keep on insisting on abusing them, torturing them, housing them in crates and stalls that are too small for them, take their babies away from them and don't show them any respect at all?

Oh, that's right…..Money!  I think I've written that reason before on this blog, haven't I?

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