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Monday, May 11, 2015

Captains of Industry or Destructive Devils?

I made a comment on a post that I read on Mongabay an environmental news site that I read.  The comment and the article I shared on the FaceBook page that I have resurrected - you can "like" the page if you want, see over there on the right - anywho, that's off topic where was I?

So the comment I made came from not only my love of Orangutans (one sits on my bed and travels with me when I go away), but also from a documentary I'd watched last night.

Ollie - my travel companion!

The doco went into the history of corporations and how they began back in America in the 1800's when the captains of industry, you know names like Vanderbilt, Carnegie and Rockefeller, built billion dollar companies that then went on to dominate, set the rules and basically have politicians in their pockets.

These guys started the greed

So reading about this one Orangutan (read more here), who was rescued from a sea of palm oil trees completely under-nourished and with a bullet in his chest, reminded me how those like Walmart, Monsanto, Bankers, Rio Tinot and BHP Billitons, as well as Johnson & Johnson and other pharmtech companies not to mention the palm oil companies like Sarawak Oil Palms, and TSH Resources who sit in their ivory towers continuing to be greedy, selfish, corrupt and totally ..... ARGHHHHHH ..... can't think of a word, perhaps you can help to describe the modern day "captains of industry"?

We can't wait for these "captains" to ruin our world any more .... each one of us has to do our bit to conserve what we have left and to try and heal if we can.

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