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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Best Juicer - Get Juicing

Today I'm handing the blog over to a friend of my who knows a lot more on the subject of juicing than I do - why? you may ask - well it's just that she's been juicing for a long, I'm new to it, so can't call myself an expert on the subject....All I know is that it is really pretty good stuff!!

So here is my guest blogger - A great New Zealand gal...drum roll please....Caitlin Grace (oh and you can find her at Limitless Living she has some awesome things on her website.)

We all know we are supposed to eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. In some circles that number has been raised even higher to 7 or 8 servings. If you are like a lot of people you are probably thinking “How am I going to find the time to eat that many fruit and veggies?” One simple way is to start juicing!

Juicing gives you all the nutrients in a readily absorbable form so you get a massive hit of nutrients in one go. Once you start juicing you won’t want to stop. They taste delicious! And there are endless combinations that you can try.
There is nothing nicer in the summer months than to juice up some ice cold watermelon and a chunk of ginger to give it some kick. Yummo! Or what about some tomato juice with parsley  celery and garlic, for an alternative Bloody Mary?

A really great juice to start off with is carrot, beetroot and celery. Don’t use too much beetroot as it has a very earthy flavor that some find over powering. Don’t be surprised if your pee turns pink after drinking this, it's usually only the first pee after drinking and shows that the juice is cleaning out your kidneys.

So your taste buds are tantalized by the recipes and now you are thinking “yes but what type of juicer should I buy?” If you are new to juicing a centrifugal juicer is a good place to start; like the Breville Juice fountain. Its quick to use, easy to clean and you don’t have to cut the vegetables and fruit into small pieces to juice them. 
If you are really serious about juicing then a slow juicer like the Green Star or Twin Gear would be the way to go. They do require more cleaning and  food needs to be cut small but you do get more juice and enzymes from these juicers. Citrus juice requires a specific juicer as if you use too much of the pith your juice will taste bitter.

Ideally you want to drink your juice straight away so that it doesn’t start oxidizing, as this means a loss of nutrients.
Try different combinations of fruit and vegetables and make sure to write down what you added so you can make it again next  time. Have fun with it and you will soon be glowing with good health.


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  2. You are so sweet, thank you...I enjoy your blog too!

  3. Lemons: You can also add half a lemon. If you are a protein metabolic type you will not want to use lemons, as they will push your pH in the wrong direction. Juicers

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  5. Thanks, Stella - I've checked your website and you've got some good reviews on the different juicers. I really don't know that much about it that's why I had a friend do this post, she's much more informed than me!!!
    Thanks for your comment - I appreciate it.

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