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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What the….A Flexitarian?

As a vegetarian I take great interest in what is going on in the world of food etc and one word that has been popping up lately is "Flexitarian".

I'm certainly hoping that this word is going to be just a fad - a bit like the word yuppie.  And for those too young to know what yuppie is it's a word made popular in the 80's. There's a couple of versions of the meaning - Young Upwardly Professionals (or change the word Upwardly to Urban) - another translation - Young Upwardly Mobile Professional, although this to me spells Yump, maybe too close to "chump" for it to stick???

So, getting back to "Flexitarian".  I thought I'd give you my version of the meanings of the different food groups -

Carnivore - Only eats meat, reserved more for the animal kingdom although I'm sure there are people out there who don't like veggies and would be more carnivore than anything else!
Omnivore - These people eat everything - red meat, white meat, fish, vegetables...MacD's, KFC, the list goes on...
Flexitarian - Supposedly a flexitarian eats vegetarian meals interspersed with meat.  Could be mostly meat meals with the occasional vegetarian option or mainly vegetarian with the odd bit of meat thrown in for good measure - in other words a picky omnivore!
Pescetarian - A person whose "meat" choice is fish.
Polo-pescitarian - Add poultry to the fish and you have a polo-pescitarian
Vegetarian - Does not eat meat of any kind, but does include dairy products and eggs.
Vegan - Does not eat anything that comes from an animal.  A true vegan will also not use any animal product e.g. leather, wool etc.
Raw Foodie - A vegan who does not cook food - don't dismiss this, I've eaten raw food (my favorite cafe - Cafe Gratitude, San Francisco) and it is amazing!!

That's about it, unless you can think of any I've left out. - Let me know.

To me, there's only three main ones - Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan - the rest are just trying to score points and look "trendy".  Let's hope that the word Flexitarian will go into the same historical box as Yuppie!  Actually, it's quite a yuppie word!

So, please, no more talk of being a Flexitarian - you're a meat-eater who has some vegetarian meals!

P.S. I've noticed that "spell check" doesn't acknowledge Flexitarian as a word - maybe there's hope yet that it wont become "normal".

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