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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LSA - What's With That?

I get a lot of flack being a vegetarian, however, there's one thing that can be used by both veggies and meat eaters and that's LSA. What is LSA? I hear you ask (well, I don't literally "hear" you of course that's a figure of speech).  If you know what LSA is - then you don't need to read any further - you can wait for the next blog report.

If you don't then swing over to my website and read What is LSA? It's not a long article, but will give you the answers.

In the meantime let me say that for meat eaters with high cholesterol - it's going to help.  By the by did you know that most vegetarians don't have high cholesterol unless they eat copious cheese!, and I don't know any vegans at all with it - what does that tell you about animal products????

I'll leave you today on that thought - here's the link again:  What is LSA?

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