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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using Tofu to Fool Meat-eaters

Why is it that meat-eaters automatically assume that vegetarians & vegans (if they know what vegans are) eat tofu and mushrooms to replace meat?  Well, I must admit, it's kind of true although I personally detest mushrooms and others I know don't eat tofu - go figure.

I get a real kick out of preparing something using tofu and taking it along to a pot luck dinner or presenting it to friends at my table.  I enjoy sitting back and watching them chow down into my creation and exclaiming how tasty and lovely it is - then the crunch "What's in it?"  That is the question that invariably is asked.

Yes, you've got it.....I delight in seeing their reaction when I say the word - TOFU!

If you're new to tofu I've just put a page up on the website that may interest you Using Tofu or have a look at the other recipes there - enjoy.

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