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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thank Goodness I'm Vegetarian

As you've probably guessed, I do surf the net a bit and try and ferret out useful information for the FaceBook Page.  I came across this article the other day which I found very disturbing and got me thanking my lucky stars that I'm vegetarian.

Now, I'm not going to relate the article here - you just have to read it yourself….it's not long  Animal Death Toll Ends Cloning Trials   what I am going to do is add my penny's worth.
For starters it took this research company 13 years….13 years (shake the head) to figure out that there were just too many deaths and other nasty things happening to the poor cattle, sheep & goats before they finally ended these trials……Good god, are they thick?

But whoa…wait just one second - what do I read further down the page?  Trying out new technologies - and here I quote "the trials include creating animals that will produce proteins with pharmaceutical benefits" but wait….there's more "one goal was to produce a drug like Herceptin……"  Eh? Herceptin?  I thought that was for breast cancer - Are they planning on producing meat that will have a drug like Herceptin in it?????  What does that do to those who don't have breast cancer….or the guys?????

I'm sorry - this is all just too much - I can't get my head around pharmaceutical meat…….I'll stick to being vegetarian, then I won't have to worry!!!

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