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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Vegetarian in the Family.

I've heard it so many times….."my daughter wants to be a vegetarian"  "I could happily be a vegetarian, but the rest of the family like their meat".

The thing is - it really doesn't have to be a problem.  If it's you wanting to be the vegetarian and you're doing the cooking - then cook your vegetarian meals and just add a dish of meat.  Or....  If you're cooking a stew - then prepare the stock with veggies all minus the meat, prepare the meat as usual in a separate pot then place some of the stew stock over to continue cooking as normal. (yes, you will need another pot) With the stew stock without the meat you can add beans or lentils or chickpeas.  Then  voila you have the meat stew for them and a vegetarian stew for you.
Just think outside the square.

Of course you probably will get teased a bit…..but that will soon go away and it may surprise you that the others will start liking your food!!

If you've got a family member who wants to go vegetarian (and you're not) then please, talk to them.  Lay some ground rules - like, I'll respect your choice of being vegetarian, but don't disrespect our choice to eat meat…….let's make sure I'm giving you good, nutritious food so you find out what you need to be eating…….you help me to prepare your part of the meals…..etc.  Not only will it help the relationship, you can get some help in the kitchen at the same time!

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